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pogo games have been Good time pass, fun and brain exercise for people older then 40 years in almost 2 decade. having trouble loading pogo games would really interfere with all the fun and the problem may come in various form such as- Games takes forever to load or pogo games keep freezing or Pogo Java or flash games won’t load

Why Pogo games Not loading?

Behind any issue related with pogo games loading there could be multipal reasons so to solve the issue you must perform all the checklist one by one to resolve the problem. lets get to know what could cause for pogo games to stop loading such as0

  • Unsupported Browser and Platform
  • Outdated/Corrupted java and flash problem
  • Firewall or Antivirus Blocking Problem
  • Browser extension corruption
  • Slow internet or computer problem
  • Server outage or website down for upgrade

Now to solve these issues you should go about issues one by one so here is the 5 ways one can fix pogo games not loading problem or contact pogo support number for help.

Unsupported Browser and Platform

since many major web browser like chrome, Firefox support and come with inbuilt flash to help you play the games. pogo games are browser based games that does not require you download the games in system. run an pogo compatibility scan to make sure the browser and system is compatible. pogo games can be played on windows, mac, android and iOS platforms however its best that you use and bigger screen to enjoy pogo games. desktop and iPad are more suitable for better experience. find best browser for pogo games if you need help.

Outdated/Corrupted java and flash problem

when you have an out of date java that specific java games may cause trouble loading games so first thing you should do it to uninstall the older version of java. go to the list of installed programs and uninstall the java.

restart the system and go to official java website at and download the latest java version. allow the program to install in system and enable it in browser.

Firewall or Antivirus Blocking Problem

Your antivirus, pop up blocker or firewall can also stop you games from loading. please make sure you have updated the antivirus to the latest version. check to make sure the antivirus is not blocking the pogo website.

go to the settings of your antivirus and create exception for as a websites to make sure nothing is blocked.

Browser Corruption and unwanted extension

unwanted junks, cookies and cheche memory may cause unwanted interference with games. remove any unwanted plugin from browser extension. clear browser cache and cookies to clean the browser.

Resetting the browser settings to default may also help you resolve the problem however that may cause you to lose saved password and fill in forms date. you can go around and use another browser to make sure the pogo games will load.

Slow Internet Connection

leggy or keeps disconnecting internet connection may cause trouble loading games. please login the router and update the router firmware to the latest version available. call your internet service provider if games load after taking long time. checkout this guide as an example to solve slow router internet issues.

please check the internet speed from different corners of your house to make sure the WIFI is not the problem causing delay loading pogo games.

Server Outage or website down

even with many servers in different regions the game websites goes down for maintenance and upgrades. sometimes its because of huge traffic the site crashes so please check to make sure is accessible from your system. one can cancel pogo account if the services are not up to expectation.

we hope all of these troubleshooting steps may help you solve the problem.